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Training, Workshops, Webinars

In today’s rapidly changing world, education and continuous knowledge expansion have become essential. As an experienced lecturer, I offer training, workshops, and lectures for both businesses and lawyers, combining theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

My services include:

  • Business training aimed at introducing and explaining key issues related to Artificial Intelligence and data management, allowing participants to understand not only the applicable regulations but also the ethical challenges facing technological projects.
  • Practical workshops focusing on specific use cases and scenarios that participants may encounter in their work. The goal is to equip them with tools and methods to effectively deal with legal and ethical problems related to AI and data management in daily operations.
  • Academic lectures offering an in-depth analysis of selected aspects of AI law and ethics and personal data protection. These lectures provide a platform for discussion and experience exchange between experts, scientists, and practitioners.

The value I bring:

  • Interdisciplinary approach: My knowledge covers not only legal and ethical aspects but also technological ones, allowing for a fuller understanding of the challenges related to AI and data protection.
  • Experience and expertise: Extensive experience in teaching and conveying complex issues in an accessible way, confirmed by numerous positive reviews from my training and lecture participants.
  • Up-to-date knowledge: Constantly tracking the latest legal, ethical, and technological trends in AI and data protection, ensuring that the information provided is always current and practical.

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Training, Workshops, Webinars


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