Independent Advisor on AI Ethics in EU Projects

In the era of dynamic development of artificial intelligence (AI) and its growing impact on society and the economy, ethics becomes an integral part of designing and implementing innovative solutions within EU projects. My involvement in Horizon projects, such as SHOP4CF, MAS4AI, and EXTRA-BRAIN, has resulted in the development of practical tools and methodologies supporting an ethical approach to AI in designing intelligent solutions across various industries and services.

"Collaborating with me,
you gain a partner
interested in supporting
your project goals
and helping to build
ethical solutions."

My offer as an independent advisor on AI ethics in EU projects includes:

  • Support in developing guidelines for the project and individual use cases that incorporate an ethical and responsible approach to using AI, ensuring that this technology aligns with the EU values described in Ethics guidelines for Trustworthy AI (HLEG);
  • Analysis and risk assessment related to the project and individual use cases, including preparing guidelines and conducting verification of their proper implementation.
  • Comprehensive advice on adhering to ethical principles in designing and implementing AI systems, with an emphasis on compliance with the future AI Act, which will establish binding legal frameworks for AI in the European Union in the coming years.

Additionally, as part of the cooperation, I offer:

  • Workshops and webinars aimed at educating project teams about the ethical aspects of AI, including understanding and implementing the Ethics guidelines for Trustworthy AI.
  • Regular consultations and project progress reviews to ensure that AI solutions are ethically integrated and comply with current and future legal regulations concerning AI.
  • My collaboration with the IEEE Legal Committee in the IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems project has also resulted in developing solid foundations for defining transparency and explainability as the foundations of trust in AI technology.
  • Collaborating with me, you also gain a partner interested in supporting your project goals and helping to build ethical solutions.