Data Management and Privacy Protection

With the advance of digitalisation, regulations regarding data processing are becoming increasingly important. This applies to both personal data and databases used by entrepreneurs to conduct business activities. In a globalised market, a good data management policy is often the element that gives you a competitive advantage.

"I am an expert specialising
in personal data protection
and data management
for AI systems."

I am an expert specialising in personal data protection and data management for AI systems. I will help you navigate the difficult process of creating related documentation and its implementation in your enterprise. I will prepare the necessary templates, policies, and instructions for you, and explain their meaning in simple language. I will take care of your company as it deserves – with the dedication and passion that guide me in my work.

My assistance includes:

  • Preparation and implementation of a data management policy in AI systems.
  • Assessment of your company compliance with GDPR and support in preparing the necessary documents.
  • Data protection audit in your enterprise.
  • Ongoing support in data protection, including support for data protection officers.
  • Support in response to data protection breaches and representation before supervisory authorities and administrative courts.
  • Conducting training and workshops on data protection.