Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising business activities around the world. Its widespread use is raising an increasing number of legal, ethical, and financial issues. Entrepreneurs want to modernise their companies with the help of AI, but either fear the consequences or do so without the proper legal background. I have set myself the professional goal of removing these difficulties from the path my clients follow.

"I advise entrepreneurs
utilising AI, helping
them find the best
lawful solutions."

I understand the principles governing AI-based tools and follow the directions in which they are developing. On a daily basis, I advise entrepreneurs utilising AI, help them avoid legal problems, and ensure they always operate in compliance with regulations. Thus, artificial intelligence becomes a useful tool in modern development, allowing businesses to outpace the competition in many fields. The success of the companies I care for is also my success.

Within this specialisation, I offer you:

  • Comprehensive assistance in understanding how AI can support your business in accordance with current (and future) legal regulations.
  • Analysis and risk assessment related to the use of AI in your projects from a legal and ethical standpoint.
  • Preparation of necessary documentation, including policies on responsible design, implementation, and use of AI.
  • Legal support in resolving issues related to the use of AI in relation to intellectual property rights, including assistance in protecting data used in machine learning processes and in legally securing AI work outputs.
  • Assistance in developing ethical principles for the use of AI, considering privacy and transparency of artificial intelligence operations.