<When technology outpaces regulations — experience and flexibility matter./>

I assist clients in effectively applying modern technologies to their businesses. I collaborate daily with representatives of various industries and one thing unites them all: they want to run modern companies that grow by leveraging innovations.

My team supports me in my daily tasks. Thanks to our collective effort, I can focus on goals — dedicate time and attention to the projects I lead. Together, we operate with more agility.

I’m not afraid of challenges, because they are the only guarantee of growth. Therefore, if you’re looking for a lawyer who understands the world of new technologies, can communicate with AI, and thinks outside the box — you’re in the right place.

What can you expect?

  • Out-of-the-box thinking

    My task is not just to know the regulations, but, above all, to seek solutions.

  • Experience

    I combine theoretical knowledge with many years of practice and experience in international projects.

  • Trust

    I build relationships with clients based on trust, my commitment, and clear communication.

  • Understanding

    I devote time to understand the needs of clients and propose solutions tailored to their real needs.

My Team

dr hab. Michał BernaczykAttorney at Law, Professor at the University of Wrocław
Aleksandra GołdaLegal Trainee
Karolina KisielAttorney at Law, Expert in Business Consulting
Izabela SojewskaLegal Trainee
Anna AugustynAttorney at Law, Art Historian,
Of Counsel
Elżbieta WalczakOffice Manager

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